Foot Massage

Foot massage has numerous benefit to your health, and it is necessary that we take care of our feet. Foot massage relieve the strain and it is just as good as a foot bath. Our masseur/masseuse will stimulate parts of the feet that corresponds to certain organs in the body. The massage will help improve physiological health and boots physical health.

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Body & Back Massage


It is time to get that long over due body massage. A good rub down can relieve those always tensed and stiffed muscle. A regular body massage is recommended to help with blood circulation and to remove the dead skins cells. Most importantly, it is the best way to relax and de-stress. We also have Meridian Acupressure, where our masseur will apply pressure to the critical point of the body to stimulate the organs.

Hot Stone

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Most of the our body or back massage includes hot stone service. With the use of hot stone along side of massage, the heat can relax the muscles. Softening the muscle will relieve stiffness, pain, and allows for deep tissues massage. This enhances the massage and give you the most amazing and comfortable experience.




DDS Bio-electric Therapy


Bio-electric therapy is the alternate method to acupuncture. It uses small and safe electric shock to stimulate the meridian of our body. It has all the benefits of acupuncture and without the needles. It can boots the body’s immune system, relive pain, and improve blood circulation. DDS treatment is done through using a specialized machine to apply current at the right spot with the necessary voltage for the stimulation and safety. Bio-electric Therapy is very comfortable, and can enrich the body.