Therapeutic Relaxation


Whether you are looking to loosen up after a stressful day or looking for the best places to go for your weekend getaways, a good rub down will be most satisfying. Massage can improve blood circulation, release those muscle tension, and give your body the much-needed care and support.


Just Around the Corner


We are located at the heart of Chinatown. Just a short drive from Downtown LA. If you are touring Chinatown, drop by to experience that good old Chinese massage. Panda Massage is the most affordable, convenient, and perfect place to de-stress.



Bio-Electric Therapy


We have a specialty services available to those who desire an alternative to massage therapy. Bio-electric therapy is very safe and effective at reliving pain. It acts as an alternative to acupuncture, without the needled. It utilized the meridian points just as our many massage services.